Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring To Summer 2017 Home Design Trends

ALLENTOWN, Pa. - As meteorologist Matt Broderick has been telling us, the temperature is heating up, so we showcased spring to summer home design trends recently 69 News at Sunrise.
Interior decorator Shoshana Gosselin, from Love Your Room, joined WFMZ's Eve Russo in the studio to show us some styles taking decorators by storm!


Home design has been coming into its own in 2017 with distinct looks and styles.  Late spring time is my favorite season to spy real change because we are transitioning into summer!  I am inspired by what I am seeing!  Of course, they are right off the runway and into our home decor!  

FOUR trends that are making headlines include:


From the recent fashion runways to inside our homes, Florals are everywhere!  Popular in wallpaper, pillows, tile patterns, bedding, and curtains.  Prints are large yet delicate, ornate and refined.

Lucy Interior Design

Kristen Bell recently wore a 2 piece floral dress, any many A list stars are going 'floral' as well!


Suzanne Kasler

JVW Home

Robert Allen Leda Peony in Midnight

Classic and reminiscent of lazy days enjoying a picnic, the Gingham pattern is not only the hot trend for spring to summer, but it has been around for a very long time, including the Victorian era.  It is only natural that it comes into its own this spring!  And the room style you use it doesn't have to be country inspired.  I have been reading recently that celebrities like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Amal Clooney have been spotted in Gingham.   Check out how these designers are using it!

How fun is this wall treatment?  CLICK HERE to see how this creative blogger did it!

Retail stores like Pottery Barn have indoor/outdoor pillows just in time for summer!

Inspiration by Carolina Herrera Spring 2017 dress shows you that Gingham is used as a chic and dramatic fabric.

Pottery Barn has these indoor/outdoor pillows just in time for Summer!

Whats the difference between Plaid an Gingham?  
TWO main differences:
1.  Gingham is always two colors.  Plaid is multiple colors. 
2.  Gingham is made up of lines that are equal sized.  Plaid has a lot of different sized lines.


Per Pinterest there has been a 50% rise in acrylic coffee tables, trays, and more! Pairing this material with more traditional, rustic, industrial or any other style, will add a modern twist and fun eclectic feel to any space.  See these ideas below!

Fun Accessories!  

Organize your office, make up area, and more with acrylic containers, staplers, tape, and so much more!  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tomorrow I Share Spring into Summer Home Design Trends That Are Coming Into Their Own

I am getting ready right now for a fun time tomorrow on WFMZ TV 69 News At Sunrise with Eve Russo.  At 8:50 am I will be sharing home design trends that anyone can incorporate.  I have had my eye on the fashion runway, checking out many amazing interior designers and bloggers, and have seen a spike in these four trends.  Hope you can tune in!  I will of course have the skinny on it all later that day if you miss the show.  Have a lovely day!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A Spring Bedroom Of Blue And Green

"I envision this bedroom to be cozy and serene."  Those were the words our very sweet client used when she hired us to design a guest bedroom for her in-laws that were coming from overseas in eight weeks.  The last guest bedroom we did for her (see pic at end of this post) was much more specific to a whimsical style, but this one would be completely different.

Walls were painted Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.  

Generously sized night stands like this one allow for a lamp, and more space for alarm clock and/or cell phone.  Drawer space or an extra open area give space for him/her to store a book, TV remote, or any other item your guest brought with them that they want to have near the bed.

......p.s. Terrariums (you can find these everywhere these days!) with some stones and faux succulents are great table top decor because they bring in the look of nature and never need to be watered!

For us, 'cozy and serene' included light airy bedding, natural textures and woods, and accent colors that were spa like.  We chose an upholstered headboard with oil bronze nail heads in a nubby linen fabric.  

The duvet cover and bed skirt are fresh and neutral so if the homeowner decides to change out the accent colors, there will not be a need to lose these previously bought pieces.  

The window roman shade is of woven material.  It has black out and is cordless.  

Blocking the morning sun and giving privacy to guests is key.  This is your chance to make a stylish statement!  

We added custom pleated drapes for drama.  The medallion pattern on this curtain is so pretty!  We hung them from brass rods and rings.  

A few pillows give the bed a comfy soft colorful look and can be used as an extra cushion behind the standard or king bed pillow, or for behind the back to sit up in bed.

Mix the fabric you use for a layered textural look!  We included velvet, knitted and embroidered pillows.

Every guest bedroom should have a large wall mirror for viewing clothing, hair and make up.  I also love a bench as well, so someone can take on/pull off shoes or place a suitcase or clothing on it.  


Here is the guest bedroom we created for this client previously.  We had fun with this one, bringing in sunny yellow and happy green tones. We used stage coach valances, sheers, and cottage rustic looking furniture pieces. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Taupe : The New Neutral Paint

Grey and Greige paints have been my go-to colors for the last few years.  Clients specifically ask for them.  But lately I have had an interest in more taupe tones.  Some have a soft brown undertone and some have a lovely grey finish.  These colors can create a very beutiful and comforting vibe.

I am loving these Benjamin Moore colors:
Silver Fox 2108-50
Portland 2109-60
Through the Looking Glass CSP-495
Mauve Desert 2213-50

Below I give an idea of how to use these taupes together throughout your first floor.  I included Chantilly Lace (OC-65) as complimenting trim color to the paints:

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Easy Fireplace Makeover Ideas

I think fireplaces are not just for function.  It can be a wonderful design element for a room.  Whether you use it or not!  And its the perfect time to give a fireplace an update!  Easy changes include cleaning it up and adding new decor.  You can paint brick, change tile, and of course, re-do the mantel..... or add one that wasn't there before!  



This home was built very recently.  It is a gorgeous house.  They hired us to furnish and paint the master bedroom.  Adding a mantel to the existing fireplace was on the top of my list.  We used a piece of maple, stained it, and installed it.  Very simple but big difference!  



During the planning stages for this clients first floor renovation, we were going to simply white wash this fireplace and get a new beefier mantel, but then the homeowners decided to change to a gas insert and reface the front with stone.... And we re-used the original mantel but re-stained it and beat it up a bit to look aged.   :)

For more ideas, check out this recent article from THE MORNING CALL.    :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Furniture Help! Sectional Or Sofa

I am constantly wavering back and forth over this issue - sectional or sofa?  Whether I am working on a clients home project or my own home, its a big decision!  The sectional offers plenty of appeal including lots of seating for cuddling, and that coveted corner seat everyone fights over.  But a sofa is less cumbersome, looking lighter in a room, and is not such a commitment as a sectional with its permanent configuration.  

When I mention 'sectional' to some of my clients I get a reaction like "Is that still in style?" or "Don't those belong in the basement?"  Truth is, sectionals have become more modern and chic looking.  The upholstery options are extensive and the arms are less bulky.   They can also be the perfect answer to seating in some rooms due to the layout of the space.  

Many sectionals are customizable.  You choose the length on either end (the right or left side can be longer than the other), the look of the arm, the style of the cushion and the corner seat can be a square corner or rounded corner. 

Sectionals come in L shaped, U shaped, and with one chaise (or two if you choose one on either end like I did in my own home because my husband wanted us both to have our feet up while watching a movie).  

Tip: Balance a sectional with something weighty on the diagonal end or across from it like a floor basket or chair.  

Reasons To Choose A Sectional or Sofa  

Consider the layout of the room! If you are lucky enough to have a large open area with plenty of square footage, the sofa vs sectional decision is more personal.  BUT if you have constrictions due to lack of space in a room or entry ways that you don't want blocked, you may be forced to use either a sofa or sectional.  Its important to measure your room carefully.  Plan it out on graph paper if you can.  Include doorways (you don't want to block any entry way with furniture).  You can also tape out the possible furniture layout you are considering on the ground using painters tape.  If you have furniture in the room now, move it around in different configurations to get a feel for what works best.  Here are some examples of rooms that work best with either a sectional or sofa: 

Sofa Wins When...

This room is tricky to get a good amount of seating in due to the long narrow space with an entry door at one end of the room and the only entrance into the room at the other end.  A sectional would block either the doorway or the entrance point so a sofa would be a good option as seen below.  No one will be tripping over furniture to get through the room.

Sectional Wins When...

Here is another long narrow room that has a different issue; the fireplace and television are on two different walls.  The sectional allows seating to see both and keeps a nice wide entrance point in and out of the room.  The use of two sofas would have narrowed the entrance point making it difficult to walk through the room.

The Cousins

Sectional Wins When...

This room is super big and the sectional floating in the center grounds the space creating a cozier seating arrangement.  I use sectionals often in large great rooms.  They bring the space down to size so you don't feel like the person across from you is so far away.

Margaret Donaldson Interiors

Sofa Wins When...

Separate sofas and chairs for really well for multiple seating for guests when you entertain (friends don't typically like to snuggle up to person to their left or right; it can be uncomfortable).  It also allows you to change up the arrangement of the furniture.  And its great for allowing conversation and traffic flow.  

I hope this is helpful to you.  Best of luck with your own furniture project!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

My Pink 1970s Bathroom Gets Renovated

BEFORE                                                       AFTER 

So long 1970s pepto pink! We finally completed our master bathroom renovation! Jumping for joy because no longer sharing my daughters bathroom.  Its a small space but really works hard for us.  

BEFORE                                                       AFTER 
Its been a bit of a process from demo to tile install, but we are done!  Party time!


Demo and new dry wall.

Added radiant heat to floor then began tile work.  I worked hand in hand with the tiler to make sure the tiles were forming nicely in a herringbone pattern on the floor, and the key is to use tiles next to each other that don't have a similar pattern/veining (good tip when using machine made tiles).

Floor is done!

Walls are done!
The bathroom is small so we used the same tile throughout to keep it bright and expansive looking. BUT we did 'shake it up' in varying lengths and patterns of that tile.  The floor and wall tile above chair rail are long narrow pieces (herringbone pattern on floor and random on wall).  The tile used below the chair rail, and walls of shower are larger pieces.

I wanted to use calacatta marble for the entire project but the price tag was beyond my budget, so I only used it for the chair rail, floor of the shower and pattern on the back shower wall.  After a lot of research, I found a man made tile I liked that looked similar, and I am happy with it.

Good bye shell sink......

Vanity is in!

We needed a 60 inch double vanity.  I found this one and liked how the marble looked that came with it.  Also looks like a piece of furniture with its tall legs, that gives the room a more open feel because it is a small space.  HERE IS THE LINK.  We changed out the knobs to crystal because every room needs a little bling!

Bling bling!!

AFTER (new knobs)

We have array of lighting options now.  The chrome wall sconces with fabric shades for ambiance lighting, two recessed lights above the vanity for more direct light (I preferred this vs using wall sconces above the vanity because I have under 8 foot ceiling and would have felt squatty).  Also a light in the shower and fan light.

We used satin nickel for the faucets and shower plumbing.  I like mixing chrome and nickel.  I don't prefer chrome everywhere because of the shininess, but used together, looks nice.

To get the mirror size right, I found a few options then taped them out on the wall using painters tape.  This is a good tip for visualizing the size before purchasing!


 BEFORE                                                       AFTER 

Good bye sunken square tub!

New work begins!

I instantly fell for this marble mosaic tile.  I wanted to keep the shower clean and light but give it one powerful POP!  And our dog Carmella approved!

Definitely had to have wall niches.  I chose two to maximize function.  The taller one is perfect for our shampoo and conditioner and body wash.  And the lower shelf holds soap and razors neatly.

I used the basket weave marble mosaic tile for the back of the niches.  This is the tile I used on the shower floor also.  For the sides of the niche, I used calacatta marble that had a lot of gray veining.

One more look at the shower.

Thats it! We still want to use a wallpaper on the walls but decided to paint it now and get back around to the paper later.  We finished the space off with crown molding.  

Next project is our basement (my daughters bathroom will be in 2018; she has a baby blue 1970s look right now)
(you need bell bottom jeans in this room)