Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quick Inexpensive Ways To Decorate Your Home For Fall

Decorating your home for the Fall season does not have to take up a lot of time, money or energy.  And once you do it, the decorations can last thru December!  

Use these quick tricks for last minute entertaining, or if you, like me, are a hardworking person who can't seem to find time to add Fall decorating to your list :)


Grocery shop for food and fall decor at the same time.

You can find bags of gourds and pumpkins at super markets.  Grab a bunch before checking out of the store.  See the centerpiece ideas below of how you can display them using items you already own!

THREE ways to display fall decor using items you have!
Create centerpieces using kitchen ware.

Platters, cake plates, mixing bowls, trays, and wood cutting boards, make great containment holders for your fall decor.  Vintage, natural tones, vibrant colors, or glassware can give that Fall presentation to table tops and shelves.  See sample looks above!

Use good ol' mother nature for fall decorating.

Bring in fallen branches, leaves, pine cones, acorns and even, pieces of trees you had removed.  Make sure you brush off any dirt or outdoor critters first.  You can make center pieces with them.  The real stuff gives the most authentic look for fall decorating!  Place them in vases or lanterns.  See the tablescape below and how I used part of a tree I had cut down!

Buy some fake pumpkins and gourds and re-use them year after year.  

I have a number of faux pumpkins I use along with my real pumpkins.  No one is the wiser and not only do I save money doing this, but I can spray paint my 'fakies' any color I want each year.  See how I used them above!
Buy fake pumpkins and spray paint them (I like the chalky finish) to get a pop of color in your Fall decorating!

Create fall artwork on your walls.

Switch out a framed photo with a fallen leaf (or group of leaves) from your backyard.  Simply tape it to a white heavy stock piece of paper and place back in the frame.

Also a large basket, throw blanket and burlap looking pillow (love velvets, faux fur and cotton) add to the cozy feel!

Quick Fall look for small console table.

Give your foyer table or any hallway table top into an instant cozy fall feel! Stack worn books and place a group of pumpkins on top.  Books are great props to create height!

Bookcase Decorating.

Add fall decor like pumpkins, corn and gourds, AS WELL AS wood signs.  You can pick up cute worded signs at craft stores, or make your own!

close up

 Tablescape In A Pinch!

A group of pumpkins and gourds in various sizes make a wonderful tablescape when placed down the center of the table.  Roll out a burlap runner to add a natural touch (pick one up from any craft store).  Use battery operated candles so no need to worry about a dangerous flame! 

For the center piece, I added a part of a tree we had removed this summer (the pieces are still on the side of my house).  A battery operated candle sits on top of it.  Lastly a few branches laid down the length of the table gives a vintage naturalistic look.  Change up what I used with whatever you find outdoors.  Thats the fun of a fall tablescape. Anything natural gives a warm cozy feel!

Have fun with Fall decorating! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quick Fall Decorating Ideas Shown On TV This Wednesday

Hi friends!

If you want to decorate for Fall in your home but can't seem to find the time, I will be sharing quick tips and tricks to get that cozy feel.  Also centerpiece ideas for last minute entertaining.  Tune into WFMZ TV 69 News at Sunrise this Wednesday at 8:50 am. :)

Decadently yours,

Monday, September 19, 2016

Lighting Trends Shosh Shares With TV Viewers

If you missed the cute and informative TV news segment Shosh shared with viewers of WFMZ TV 69 News At Sunrise with the lovely Eve Tannery, here it is!

Sorry I did not get this up on my blog sooner (and thank you for reminding me!)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lighting Trends That Are Hot And Affordable

Unique lighting can make a huge impact in any room.  Here is a list of a few on trend ceiling and wall fixtures that are unique and affordable in price.  I have used these in home renovation projects recently!

Hexagon Is the Geometric Goddess

Its been called a honeycomb or hexagon pattern; and it is used everywhere these days in home decor from tile, to fabric and wall art, to lighting.   The bees know a good design!

This particular beautiful light is glamorous with its mix of black and rich gold tones (mixing metals is another hot trend.  Gold is the new platinum and can really dress of a space!  Its here to stay for years.  I have worked on a number of client projects that have brass door hinges and handles.  Changing them out at once can be costly so we have for now, used two tone metals like this light, to update the rooms and still create a connection with the original brass hardware! This light is under $600!  In person its large and a real 'wow' piece!

A Love Of Industrial Design Brings Desk Lamps To Walls

Adjustable arm wall lights are now sold just about every where!  Some are plug ins and others are hard wired.  And they are used every where, from kitchens, to libraries, to bedrooms, and even bathrooms.  Some can be very pricey but this one is not!  And it comes in sleek platinum, satin nickel, gold and oil bronze. Many of these can get expensive but this one is under $200!


The adjustable Savoy House Dakota

Sleek Lantern Pendants Are Fresh And Timeless

Lantern pendants are used a lot by designers and home owners.  This particular light has a strong, linear silhouette.   I am a huge fan of it because it fits the bill for most kitchen islands!  It takes three bulbs to give off more lighting and no glass to clean!  Also its lines are thin so it doesn't block the view.  The cage shape is timeless and you can get it in a bronze and brushed nickel finish!  They also mix well with various styled chandeliers.  Price is under $200!

I recently took on the fun challenge of creating my own industrial style wall sconce for under $20!  SEE HOW I DID IT HERE!

I love to up-cycle decor and furniture into unique finds!

I wish you luck with your next lighting home project. :) 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How I Recycled A Brass Wall Sconce Into An Industrial Colorful Light

I love this industrial vibe in lighting I see every where!  I have been renovating my own home and recently finished a quick DIY wall sconce project that cost under $20.  
I have been holding on to two shiny brass wall sconces for years just waiting to use them for something.  Like it? 

I dusted them off and sanded them a bit with medium sandpaper grit.  Took 3 steps to get them completed.

FIRST I painted them teal blue,
SECOND I added a metal guard I picked up for under $5 and spray painted it gold.

THIRD I added twine, and

They are cute next to my beloved vintage belongings.  I am a true lover of restored and up-cycled finds.  I find it very interesting and has a lot of character.

Plus my hubby was very happy I saved us money!

Fall Decorating Ideas For Your Home (indoors and outdoors)

Fall season begins September 22 at 10:21 am (per The Old Farmers Almanac).  I will miss my flip flop days, but look forward to cozy sweaters and the changing of the leaves.   I have seen pumpkins out on neighbors stoops and I thought I would revisit these fall decorating ideas!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Are You Having Trouble Home Decorating With Your Other Half?

A while back I did a decorating segment on WFMZ TV 69 News at Sunrise about a very important topic that constantly comes up when designing and decorating your home, Decorating With Your Partner Successfully.  As an Interior Designer, I sit in meetings with couples who have hired me because of this very touchy subject.  I have learned a few things over the years.  I thought I would post bullet points from that TV segment to remind myself (who is going through this now) and anyone else who might find this helpful.  

Don’t run over the other person’s taste and ideas

Compromise by getting something and giving up something

Keep everyone involved even if they say they don’t care; or you think they won’t care

Get approval for large purchases; STOP shopping and regroup if arguing

CLICK HERE to get the full scoop on each of these bullet points.  I wish you all the best of luck!  Feel free to add comments on how you overcame this topic!  We can all use the advice.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wildberry Project: Before and After Photos Of Foyer, Living Room & Library

I am so excited to share the before and after photos from part of the Wildberry interior design project that was recently completed.  This was a year long job and included most of the first floor.  It is also one of my favorite jobs because of the lovely family that hired us.  They were super to work with.  And the home itself had so much potential!  My client's taste leans more toward traditional with lots of whimsy.  They were open to new ideas and asked to incorporate their own vintage finds and beloved heirlooms. We wanted to achieve an overall mix of style and furnishings that were inviting, interesting, and unique.  They also love color (you will see more of that in family room and back hallway that I hope to share in my next post!)


We wanted a grand entrance.  We brought strong dark color to the doors rather than the walls to keep the space bright.  Emphasis was placed on the staircase since it is the biggest focal point.  


The Details:

DOOR: Choosing a door color was a process!  We ended up with a chocolate color from Benjamin Moore called Char Brown (2137-20) on the double entry doors and the two coat closets.  It made a huge impact in the tall space.

STAIR RUNNER: The runner for the stairs has an elegant pattern and it is super soft!  Its Stanton Indus in Earl Gray color.  It coordinated really well with the existing tile work, and partnered  well with the new gray tones we are incorporating.

CEILING: We used wallpaper on the ceiling.  Its from Brewster - Frederick Brown Quatrefoil Medallion.  The paper is outlined with wood trim in the same beautiful chocolate paint color used on the doors.

The new runner and a fresh coat of white paint on the spindles, risers and all trim work, turn the entry way into a showstopper.   

Here is a before and after of the runner along the upstairs hallway floor!

Before and After

DECOR: The entry way is very large, tall and open to all the rooms around it.  This means that there wasn't much space for small decor that I love to add because it shows of the homeowners personality.  So we placed a mix of my clients collectables with new pieces to the new cabinets we added to either side of the staircase.  The slim depth of the new accent cabinets work really well with traffic flow.


This space is the first room you see when you walk in the home and turn your head to the left.  As a game room it did not function for my client any more.  So we tackled adding style and a new function.  



We decided to make this a library where the kids can play a game, read a book, and relax in comfortable recliner chairs.  We used a beige color on the walls and ceiling -Benjamin Moore Alexandria Beige (HC-77).  With the lighter rug (my clients owned the rug already) the space felt brighter. The pedestal table is custom but the stools surrounding it were my clients.  She simply refinished them to coordinate!  The new pendant lighting is the Kenzie Mercury Chandelier from Pottery Barn.  



A built in bookcase was constructed with lower cabinets across the back wall.   This family has a love of books and art.  When we staged their bookcase we had a lot to add!  There was no need to buy decor items.  We installed custom drapes with a stunning large round motif pattern.

BENCH SEAT: My favorite addition is the built in bench.

The repeat pattern on this fabric by Robert Allen is very large!  Once the roll came in we spent some time laying out the pattern so it can be made into a headboard.  We used a velvety light blue fabric for the bench cushion and roll arm pillows (the welt is the headboard fabric).  I love the way it came out.

Heres a close up of the built in bench.  It gives this very long bookcase a lot of character.


The living room is enormous!  From the double story ceiling, large arched windows, to the multiple tray ceilings, this was a very exciting room to glamorize!  The changes to this space were mostly cosmetic; we did not need to do much construction except change out the carpet inlay in the wood.  I was excited but also knew we would need to make sure we got this room right.  My client entertains large groups so it was important to have lots of seating.  



We chose furniture pieces that could be moved around easily to create different sized gatherings.  The new large chandelier adds soft light but in a big way, perfect for evening parties. 

The paint color is Revere Pewter (HC-172) on the main walls and Boothbay Gray (HC-165) for the wall with windows for a hint of blue.   



We mixed modern traditional furniture with more relaxed slip covered pieces to achieve a mix of comfortable elegance so people will not be afraid to put their feet up and chill.  The sofas are feather down and the club chairs have a swivel base.   This is my favorite ottoman; its completely custom and makes me so happy because my client chose the glitzy silver leather banding around the bottom.  

The Details

TRAY CEILING: At first we were going to paint the tray ceilings a very dark blue but we took it to the next level with this HOT Sheet Metal wallpaper by Brewster.  It looks so real!  (we used another version of it in the powder room and my client says everyone touches the walls to see it its metal).

FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY: We layered shades of navy blue with beige linens.  In such a large space, the deep hues on the furniture upholstery really ground the pieces so they don't look lost.  At the same time, these are classic pieces that will always look chic.  As I mentioned above, we created a custom ottoman using gray leather and a silver leather banding (LOVE!).  We also included a gorgeous oval one of a kind coffee table my client had, and added two fun garden stools in green.

CHANDELIER: This chandelier has forty five candle lights, and measures almost five feet in both diameter and height.  At night, each candle light has warm glow and makes a fabulous statement.

CARPET: The living room has a beautiful oak wood floor with a carpet inlay.  We replaced the original one with this beautifully patterned piece from Milliken.  It has a blue gray hue that is stunning! 



DRAPES: The Ikat patterned drapes add drama, and they are so functional for keeping the sun out and for privacy!  It was a little tricky to install such a long decorative track (the longest one I ever did).  Each pair has a center opening.  My heart was beating anxiously as they were hung.  

Another view.

Another view.

THE CONSOLE: We kept the console they had but changed out the knobs, decor and lamps.  The upper drawer pulls are ceramic blue, and the lower cabinets have dangling pulls.  

View from above

Thanks for checking this project out!  I will post the family room, kitchen, dining room, and back hallway soon so stop by my blog again!  Until then, have a great day!